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Black-eyed, with a big mouth, ugly, but live, sincere, disinterested, and charming, ready to love the whole world, Natasha was at that lovely age, when the girl not the child, but the child not the girl yet any more.

Rostov: Ah, Onegin, you already here! Today such holiday, such remarkable holiday. I did not feel such happy probably from that birthday when Boris made a declaration of love to me. Here and Pushkin, Nina Antonovna hurries to transfer to you:

Use of a symbol, metaphor, allegory in staging, is the urgent need born in the course of the decision the director of new tasks, but at the same time is only reception, and any reception is good when it is not noticed. The viewer has to perceive not reception, not a form, and through reception and a form – the contents and, perceiving it, should not notice those at all means which this contents informing to his consciousness.

In each episode of representation it is possible to give the performance put by the III course of internal office of direction as an example of use of a symbol (the head Baranova L.I.) on Daniil Kharms's works where thanks to the symbolical creation of a performance consisting of the cascade of metaphors the figurative and metaphorical system of representation was found. Emergence of such production decision is prepared by extraordinariness of verses and Kharms's stories.

Rostov: Also remains grateful to the teacher throughout all life. And this teacher is in love with school, he has with school a novel. Yes, yes. Novel: real, love. Such people are especially valuable. About such speak: this person on the place.

Onegin: And this reasonable, kind and eternal starts sprouting in the person subsequently. Someone is a fertile field for a similar seed, at someone in soul stones, but also in that and in other case the seed is already seeded and business besides consists in process, in the process of germination. At someone it lasts more long, someone starts using them absolutely early.

Rostov: Yes, it is valid – great happiness as these processes as you told, are directed on education of children. After all such teachers as Nina Antonovna not simply give material which needs to be learned by heart, and teach children to think, think and sow actually reasonable, kind and eternal in children's souls.

Rostov: Yes. Nina Antonovna when you became on a teaching path that is when you entered the Gorno-Altaysk teacher training college, you were finally sure of correctness of the choice? Whether there were at you at least doubt sparkles: whether there my efforts are directed? In a word, why you decided to become a teacher? Tell us please.

Personal holidays give the chance to each person in a bright art form to find outlet for emotion, connected with aspiration to celebrate a significant event of the biography especially solemnly, collectively, to share the pleasure with relatives, friends. At the same time the personal holiday has to emphasize with all the contents and a form public character of an event, cause additional feelings of mutual responsibility in people.

In vain, by the way, rejoice. Therefore that I on occupations will ask everything about Voltaire. Everything that gave, I will ask everything. From a point to a point. Who will not remember, at once I will expel both everything, and all. All right. Something I dispersed and? Little girls young sit, Vakh. First course, first time. Also remember, remember everything: or you will love my subject, or I will love you.

The XX eyelids – eyelids of the amazing development scientific and unscientific (art, occult) thoughts, development of the latest technologies (including information). Today became habitual and to anybody the variety of the existing information transfer forms which main means of implementation are signs is not surprising any more.

One of the most characteristic features inherent in holidays such is their documentation. Therefore representation naturally leans on the facts from the biography as without such support it is impossible to create active perception of reality, its estimates. Staging use in this case only facilitates perception of the facts guests of a holiday. (especially as this staging carries mostly comic orientation).

Onegin: In the press center of celebration of anniversary tens telegrams with congratulations to dear hero of the anniversary accumulated. Let's read some of them. (In hands at Onegin of 6 telegrams. At first he reads the telegram itself, following gives to Natasha, etc.). Here Griboyedov questions: