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In the main regional markets of fittings in December weak activity and reduction of prices are noted. So, in Great Britain, according to messages of traders, sales are at a low level, and three main producers: Co-Steel Sheerness, ASW and Alpha Steel - were compelled to reduce the price of the production. Despite increase of a rate of pound against dollar, also sale of slabs did not increase by export from Great Britain. In the Japanese market of fittings in December considerable decrease in volumes of the offer in comparison with the last two months is recorded. Fittings stocks in warehouses decreased by 30 thousand tons. (to 650 thousand tons.), while in October and November stocks increased by 25-30 thousand tons. Producers understand that decrease in stocks of fittings will inevitably lead to an increase in prices, but, despite it, look for all new ways of possibility of an entry into the export markets.

Deterioration of position in the world market of steel products because of crisis in the Southeast Asian countries and a number of anti-dumping trials in the former import countries reduced the sizes of sales markets of steel products and reduced the price of it.

The largest intermediaries in sale of steel products of combine are: Duferko (Switzerland), Tako Metalzaaziya (Gonkon, SMS (SSh, Meridian Saksess (Gonkon, Delta (Singapore), Kampa Trade (Kanad, Midland Resures (Kanad, Skab, Ferko Metal.

- the widely adopted calculations with suppliers of raw materials for clearing instead of usual monetary calculations, caused the additional financial costs interfering decrease in level of prices for final steel products;

One of advantages of such method is speed with which it is possible to create a network of franchizes from one or several countries at the same time both on large and in the joint small markets. The described distribution system is suitable both for goods of a consumer demand and for production of industrial function.

Now the iron and steel works of Ilyich - the enterprise with a full metallurgical cycle, makes production of a wide range and exports it to many countries of Europe, Asia and America. The main activity of combine - production of a high-quality steel sheet for domestic designs, shipbuilding, petrowire, boring, gazo-and water pipes, cylinders. Among the made production: thickly - and thin-sheet, goryache-both holodnokatanny strip and sheet steel from monometal, tostolistovy bimetallic steel, galvanized strip, sheet steel and a tape, seamless and welded pipes and cylinders for various environments and pressure.

Due to the sharp reduction of solvent demand for steel products in domestic market of the enterprise began to reorient the economic activity on essential expansion of export of metals. (For example, Hartsyzsky pipe manager.

The role of export of ferrous metals against a deep economic crisis annually increased as it turned into the main source of satisfaction porvoocheredny chick-pea of the enterprise and a national economy of the country in general.

Under the guise of moratoriums and anti-dumping procedures measures for restriction of the markets are taken for export of sheet hire and other goods of ferrous metallurgy from the EU and other developed industrial states.

It is necessary to choose very carefully candidates for assistance in an exit to a foreign market, considering quality of their production and an aftersales service, desire to be engaged in export a long time. It is about such distribution system when the company having a marketing network in one or several foreign countries provides it for a certain payment at the disposal of the companies which potential is still too weak to act alone in the international market. The company which receives powers, has to show care also: being smaller by the size, she risks that with her will treat as the subordinate or if her production makes success, the company rendering her assistance can be led into temptation to absorb it or to take under the control.

pre-sale preparation which testifies to its ability not only to expect inquiries of future consumers, but also to convince them of exclusive opportunities of the enterprise to satisfy these requirements.