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Conclusions – how to self control

for connection of the tank of an avtomukovoz to a reception use rubber hoses with metal : hoses have to have a spiral from a copper wire with a step of a round of 10 cm which needs to be soldered one to a hose tip inside, and another — to metal parts of a materialoprovod; thus tips of hoses have to be made of the metal which is not giving a spark at blow (a, bronze, aluminum); for prevention of emergence of high-its superficial potential on a reception sleeve, with materialoprovody, it is necessary to replace the rubberized sleeve metallized grounded;

At the enterprises of a baking use dough mixing cars to a dough batch. Process of a batch consists in mixing of a flour, water, yeast, salt, granulated sugar, oil and other products in homogeneous mass, giving to this mass of necessary physical and mechanical properties and saturation by its air for the purpose of creating favorable conditions for fermentation.

At operation of filters it is necessary to watch specific load of filter fabric periodically. So, at load of 2,5 — 3 m3/min. of air of 1 sq.m of fabric the resistance of the filter has to be 40 — 50 kg/m of less brought indicates wear of fabric or a thinness in fabric fastening places. more than the given points to bad cleaning or excessive density of filter fabric.

Induction there pass all persons going to work and also the pupils who are doing practical training. On this instructing tell about the basic rules of safety measures, sanitation, with regulations, and also with an assistance order in case of accidents.

Installation of new electric equipment, electric and electric lighting devices is made taking into account a permissible load on the power supply network. Installation of equipment and electrorepair of power supply networks are carried out by electricians.

The dough mixing TMM-1M car has a similar design, but smaller power, and is intended for a of dough mixing works on small baking and in confectionery shops of bakeries.

and — a general view of the car 1 — a base plate; 2 — the car case; 3 — a cover; 4 — the mesilny lever; 5 — a dezha; 6 h 7 — directing for wheels; 8 — the locking mechanism with a pedal; 9 — the mesilny blade — a dezha of the car: 1 — an axis of the directing wheel; 2 — the directing wheel; 3 — a finger astringent; 4 — running wheels; 5 — an axis of running wheels; 6 — the cart case; 7 — a lever latch; 8 — a latch spring; 9 — a pin central; 10 — a tub flange; 11 — a tub; 12 - worm wheel; 13 — an arm of the directing wheel.

Adjustment of the dough mixing car and system of automatic control should be executed on an expense of components and a of dough. Before start of the car it is necessary to make greasing of bearings of sliding by jellied greasing and to availability of oil in reducers. The membrane divider should be filled with water.

Before work, workers have to pass instructing in rules of service of t/m of cars. To check technical serviceability of the car, grounding, a protection of the rotating parts, a sanitary condition of the car. We load liquid components into Tagus.