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Is there a purpose to law school exams

causings the damage to consumers goods (works, services) which are not answering shown to the last requirements for safety at a rate of an amount of damage caused to consumers; if such damage cannot be defined - at the rate to 5 thousand minimum wages;

violations of the rules of certification of goods (works, to an usl bodies for certification, test laboratories - at a rate of the double cost of works on certification, and the manufacturer (the performer, the seller) - at a rate of the cost of goods (the works, to an usl realized with violations of the rules on certification.

the losses caused to doubtful or insufficiently full information on goods it is necessary to proceed from the assumption of absence at the consumer of special knowledge about its properties and characteristics.

The losses caused to the consumer owing to violation of the melon requirement are subject to compensation by the manufacturer in full. If safe storage, transportation and utilization requires observance of special rules, the manufacturer is obliged to develop such rules and to bring them to the attention of the consumer. Goods (including importna without certificates ensuring safety are forbidden to be realized.

The consumer has the right to exchange nonfood goods of appropriate quality for similar goods at the seller at whom these goods did not approach in a form, to dimensions or for other reasons cannot be used by the consumer for designated purpose.

The federal antimonopoly authority has the right to appeal to court in protection of the rights of the consumer in cases of detection of violations of the rights of consumers. It can be recruited by court in process for making the conclusion on business for consumer protection.

The exchange not of foodstuff of appropriate quality is made if the specified goods were not in the use, its trade dress, consumer properties, seals, factory labels, and also the cash-memo which are given out to the consumer together with are kept by the sold specified goods.

at identification of goods of inadequate quality, and also life-threatening, health, property of consumers and environment immediately to inform on it the federal executive authorities exercising control of quality and safety of goods;