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Headwaiters, waiters, musicians of an orchestra,, bartenders, and also the service personnel of premises of restaurant are subordinated to the deputy director of restaurant. Thus, workers of production, and to the deputy — the services which are engaged in service of guests are subordinated to the director. Such distribution of duties between the management of restaurant rationally and logically.

Technology of hotel service – set of operations and processes in rendering of services of placement and hospitality to tourists; system of rational methods of use of buildings, constructions, equipment of hotels.

Placement – the most important element of tourism. The hotel industry – an essence of system of hospitality. It proceeds from the most ancient traditions in the history of mankind – respect of the guest, a celebration of its reception and service.

Value and role of tourism presently for development of economy of the states, satisfactions of inquiries of the personality, mutual enrichment of social communications between the countries it is impossible to overestimate. The industry of tourism takes an important place in economy of the majority of the countries. Its development represents the extensive market of workplaces.

Providing interfaces program – the segment of a control system of hotel property which is turning on program modules: the current sale, management of energy resources, phone bills, system of electronic locking, the software of personal computers, pass – bars, demonstrations of video movies.

Means of placement of tourists are any objects which provide to tourists incidentally or regularly places for spending the night. As additional conditions is accepted: total number of places of spending the night exceeds some minimum, the object of placement has the management, management of object is based on a commercial basis.

Work in hotel fund or in the relevant service of the similar enterprise: cleaning of public rooms, administration premises, a number of rooms (premises and bathrooms for guests)