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The competitive situation in the sphere of laundry services can be considered in relation to concrete geography of placement of the new enterprise in a certain municipal area with the analysis of the enterprises of the same profile which are already existing there.

In the recent past in all large cities there were laundry self-services or as they were called still by the "American laundries", laundry combines with a network of places of acceptance had mass distribution. We brought on places of acceptance the linen with the sewn checks and labels, we did not see, but without delight assumed that our clothes are washed in one drum with linen of the neighbor, not to mention that there was a risk of loss of a favourite cloth. But it in the past, and what today?

The competitive situation for the new enterprise laundry needs to be considered in relation to concrete geography of placement in a certain district of the city. The geography of placement of a mini-laundry gets out taking into account security of the population of the city with this type of service, competition level on districts and conveniences of the organization of business to the management of the company.

The main problem of the existing enterprises laundries is moral and physical wear of the production equipment. The companies in the considered market provide various services in washing, some specialize only on a limited type of linen.

the mini-laundry will provide full range of services on washing of linen: washing, bleaching, washing with fragrances, removal of spots, an ironing. The range of the processed products will include all types of linen and clothes: direct, shaped linen, cloths, lower, bed linen and various shirts.

The subsector of washing and dry cleaning is the most power-intensive part of the sphere of consumer services of the population. In this regard, huge influence on overall performance of the enterprises and increase of their competitiveness has introduction of the new equipment. The advanced equipment and technology of process of washing, and also the progressive organization of production promote reduction of specific costs of 1 kg of the processed clothes and linen. Let's note that for the large enterprises laundries rendering mass services in processing of the same linen, one of such ways replacement of individual washing machines with the product line is.

The production (operational) system is purposeful process thanks to which there is a transformation of separate elements into useful production. In other words, it represents a certain technology according to which transformation of expenses in production, see rice comes to the end