Transition To Become Emotionally Stable

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Forms of work can be the most different, are visits of a family and the child, the Open Day, conversations, consultations, PTA meetings, parental konffention. But the priority remains behind an individual form.

The family possesses objective opportunities for inclusion of the child from first years of life in various kinds of activity (household, labor, economic, educational concerning other family members and him).

Yes, work of tutors with families – work hard, but not obkhodimy. It is the integral factor of an individual approach to children, the individual help, timely prevention of undesirable manifestations in character of the child.

Vital plans, valuable orientations of the senior school students who are on the threshold of choice of profession differ in sharp differentiation on interests and intentions, but coincide in the main thing – everyone wants to take a worthy place in life, to get an interesting job, to make good money, have a happy family.

Strong, balanced, inert, (corresponds to flegmatichesky temperament). Children – phlegmatic persons are quiet, patient, strong business finish, exactly treat people around. A shortcoming of the phlegmatic person is its inertness, his low-mobility, it cannot concentrate, direct attention at once. In general such children do not cause efforts.

Of course, such lines as restraint, judiciousness, are positive, but they can be confused with indifference, apathy, lack of initiative, laziness. It is necessary to study very attentively these features of the child in various situations, in different types of activity, not to show haste in the conclusions, to check and compare results of the supervision with supervision of colleagues and members of the family of the child.

Influence of a family quite often happens so strong that the impression as if character of parents is completely descended to children is made. Undoubtedly, environment, in particular conditions of a family life, have huge impact on formation of the identity of the child. But nevertheless the leading factor in all-round development of the person is education. Therefore, and in a family the child has to receive the correct education.

For thousand-year history of mankind there were two branches of education of younger generation: family and public. Each of these branches represents social institute of education, possesses the specific opportunities in formation of the identity of the child.